Peter Gakure Mwangi is a mobile payments professional based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a strong advocate for the use of mobile technologies in financial transactions, bringing the security and benefits of banking to Kenyan cities like Nairobi, as well as, the countryside.

He is currently focusing his attention on the Mpesa technology which allows account holders to convert cash to digital assets, which can be used to make purchases through various merchants and transfer money to families living in rural areas. MPesa’s success lies both in its simplicity and its growing service centers which range from typical mobile stores in Nairobi to makeshift centers built from shipping containers.

Mwangi has a fascination with and a passion for mobile money and mobile technologies in general;  he is deeply interested in playing a pivotal role in the rapidly changing technological landscape driven by the growing mobile and financial service industry scene in the emerging Africa 2.0.

As a means of educating the general public, Mwangi hosts one of the only blogs ( thinkm-pesa.com ) dedicated exclusively to the progress of MPesa.