May 22, 2013

Airtel Money innovative cashless parking payment solution

Paying for parking in the premier Nairobi malls and the Airport is nowadays a lot less hassle. Motorists no longer have to worry about having the right amount of change and are able to pay for their parking securely over the phone.

Airtel Money partnered with KAPS last year to introduce a revolutionary cashless parking payment solution to enable Airtel Money users to pay their parking fees via Airtel Money for free.

The service is faster and easy to use therefore motorists do not have to wait in the long queues when paying for their parking fee. They only need to make a simple transaction from their mobile phone - pay and receive a confirmation in seconds. A text message service alerts you of the cost of your parking fee allowing you to pay only for the actual parking time.

How it works
  • You get a parking ticket at the gate while entering the mall
  • When it’s time to leave,  send a message to 113 with the parking ticket number which is usually the last set of numbers at the top right of each ticket . 
  • You will get a reply message with the parking fee amount
  •  Proceed to pay via Airtel Money
  •  You will receive a message after successful payment confirming payment and the grace period before exit.

The Airtel Money cashless payment option adds up to easier and less frustrating parking payments for drivers and it’s one more step to a cash-lite nation.