Feb 25, 2013

M-PESA and the Amazing ATM

Withdrawing funds from your M-PESA wallet at an ATM is one of the most interesting and innovative use of M-PESA to date.

Kenya became the first country in the world where card-less transactions at an ATM became available for users of mobile money. In 2008 Safaricom partnered with Pesa Point, a third party ATM network provider in Kenya, to enable M-PESA users to withdraw cash from Pesa Point ATM machines.

Why I love withdrawing M-PESA from an ATM

With ATMs, you do not have to carry your ID card or ATM card and you can access your money 24/7.
ATMs allow you to access your money any time of day or night in secure environments at your convenience and they offer more privacy than M-PESA agents.

How to withdraw M-PESA from an ATM

Go to the ATM withdrawal option from your M-PESA menu on your phone.

Enter the bank’s agent number. If you are using the following ATMs: Pesapoint, Family Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, KCB and NIC Bank use 555555 as the agent number and if you are using Equity Bank ATMs, the agent number to use is 286286.

You will receive a six digit code from M-PESA. Use the code within 10 minutes as it expires after 10 minutes.

Click on the M-PESA option on the ATM and enter the six digit code. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

You will get a withdrawal confirmation message from M-PESA and money and a receipt from the ATM