Feb 4, 2013

M-KOPA named a finalist for global mobile awards

M-KOPA has been shortlisted in the GSMA Global Mobile Awards for the Green Mobile Award in the Social and Economic Development Category .

The 'Green Mobile Award' was developed to promote the "going green" initiatives and for organizations in the mobile industry, as well as organizations outside of the industry that utilize the mobile platform to communicate, innovate or drive eco-friendly programs, services and initiatives.

M-KOPA is extending credit to low-income earners to buy solar-power systems that are otherwise out of their financial reach. Using embedded Safaricom enabled sim cards, M-KOPA Solar allows a customer to enjoy the use of a d.light solar home system, while paying daily installments of KES40 via M-PESA for a period of one year after which they own the system when they complete their payment. 

M-KOPA plans to bring better lighting at lower cost to millions of homes over the coming years.