Jan 9, 2013

M-Shwari at the gate: The coming disruption of retail banking in Kenya

 Banking every day, but never at a bank

M-Shwari is rewriting the history of banking in a new way in Kenya. 

It has taken M-Shwari only one month to get to 1 million customers and sh 1 billion in deposits and sh140 million in loans. It took banks years to get to that level.

It takes about 3 seconds to get a loan from M-Shwari

The rapid adoption of M-Shwari is the evidence that we face a fundamental shift in the way we do our banking.

What happens in the next 5 years?
M-Shwari isn’t just disruptive to the retail banking industry in Kenya; it is also helping change the way we do banking while tapping into a hidden market worth billions of shillings.  And the disruption is just beginning.

The reality is that disruption will occur simply because traditional banking is inferior to the customer experience one gets from M-Shwari.