Jan 16, 2013

83% of poor Kenyans use M-PESA: stats

A new infoDev study, carried out by iHub Research and Research Solutions Africa among 800 mobile users in six locations across Kenya living on less than US$2.50 per day, found that 99.9 per cent are aware of M-PESA.

83 per cent out of those who know M-PESA use the service.

76 per cent said they were satisfied with M-PESA while 73 per cent of those who were not satisfied suggested that Safaricom should reduce transaction fees.
Kiambiu slum in Nairobi

Check out the blog by infoDev's Tim Kelly and lead researcher Angela Crandall (iHub Research): "Mobile phone credit instead of bread? For many Kenyans, a real dilemma," and reporting on the study by The Economist.