Dec 19, 2012

Google Beba Could usher in a new era of public transport for commuters in Kenya

Using public transport in Kenya,especially in Nairobi, can be a big hassle. Bus conductors hike fares when traffic is foul and the weather is nasty. Sometimes they charge you full amount but they don't get you to your destination.Google Beba service seeks to solve these problems by making it easy for you to claim a refund in case you there is a dispute.

The Google Beba Card is an NFC- enabled card that allows commuters to pay bus fares by tapping their beba cards on a card reader.
Google Beba service has an online and mobile platform that enables the passenger to review how much they are spending on travel, check which journeys were undertaken when and, if necessary, prove to employers or other third parties when they entered the bus.

However, Google has not yet scaled the Beba service across Kenya. The service is currently being provided in a few routes in Nairobi using Citi Hopper buses only. We are waiting to see if and when Google will scale the Beba service. If implemented well, the Beba service will put passengers in control, reducing stress and making traveling by public transport in Kenya a more pleasurable experience.