Jun 19, 2012

From thinking to doing - getting higher on mobile payments

I fell in love with mobile money from the first time I used M-PESA. Learning everything I can about M-PESA has become both my hobby and a passion.

When I started this blog a year ago while I was still in college pursuing my economics degree, I had no idea it was going to land me my dream job. I started it as a way to keep up with changes in the environment, in technology and mobile payments behavior of consumers, merchants, and other users of M-PESA.

But this also enable me to connect with Dylan Higgins and Ben Lyon, co-founders of Kopo Kopo Inc which is at the centre of mobile payments in Kenya. Kopo Kopo has created a technology for merchants in Kenya to leverage mobile payments.

I now work with Kopo Kopo inc where my work is concentrated on business-to-business payments, bill payments, with a focus on product strategy around consumer and business adoption of mobile payments. I have moved from thinking about M-PESA to innovating, promoting and advancing mobile payments to everyday use.I am now higher on mobile payments.

This blog is the first and the only M-PESA dedicated blog anywhere on the internet. It is not anywhere near perfect but it has helped me learn a lot. Not only that, but I have been receiving emails, almost every day, from people all over the world who have been using the site and finding a tremendous amount of value in the content.

 Kenya is the global epicentre of mobile money. Kopo Kopo is positioning itself to be the leading mobile money payment gateway throughout sub-Saharan Africa by 2015,and I am playing a role in that. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

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