Jun 22, 2012

3 KSFs for mobile payments - the consumers' perspective

Mobile payments have gone mainstream in Kenya,both at the point of sale and for remote payments . What is driving this widespread adoption of mobile payments by Kenyan consumers? What are your thoughst?

 I have paid my bills with M-PESA many times and I have come up with the following key success factors(KSFs) for mobile payments from the consumer's point of view.

1.Mobile payments should be free for consumers. 

2. Mobile payments should be real time for both the consumer and the merchant.We all hate queues. Paying with mobile should not take longer than traditional payment methods  

3. Mobile payments should offer a consumer a new payment experience.
At the end of the day we must not forget that the actual making of a payment is not the consumer's real focus. Rather consumers want to own the the goods that they are buying, or experience the service. That's where the rewards are - not in the payment mechanism itself.