Mar 11, 2012

M-PESA Tweets Worth a Thousand Stories

A few tweets are worth a thousand stories. This is is how M-PESA users celebrated the 5th anniversary of M-PESA on social networking site twitter.

KopoKopoInc: Our first payment as a company came via M-PESA Pay Bill and led to a room-full of high fives. #MyMpesaStory

@KAWBO1: Our event participants are able to make faster payments through mpesa #MyMpesaStory

dylanhiggins: No water, no light, no problem. Time again to pick up the phone #MyMpesaStory

 eAMDevelopers: Our payments comes via M-Pesa & thanks to @KopoKopoInc we are appreciating this more and taking our game a notch higher #MyMPesaStory

AHBFI_AHarvest: @SafaricomLtd We Salute #M-pesa for making it easier to send money to our field officers #MyMpesaStory

NickMarkham: RT @kachwanya: Happy Birthday M-Pesa. Mpesa now used by 70% of the adult Kenyan population. #MyMpesaStory

TheVictoriaPod: RT @JWChiwa: The story of M-Pesa’s runaway success is well known. But one story remains untold: #MyMPesaStory, but thanks to @kopoKopoInc its a great one

SFath: RT @Mbugua3000: #TwitterThumbsUp to @SafaricomLtd for helping put Kenya on the map with M-Pesa. #MyMpesaStory

 However, not everybody had positive things to say about M-PESA.

MMuendo: As @roomthinker said in his #Hardtruths we have milked the MPESA dry.Anything else innovative? #MyMPesaStory

gmeltdown: Safaricom needing to nurture innovations other than mpesa #mympesastory

rugzi: & agents limiting transaction amounts to 5k!!!! > @MMuendo: Float continuously lacking amongst the Mpesa operators. #MyMPesaStory

MMuendo: Float continuously lacking amongst the Mpesa operators.Whats the solution here folks at Safaricom #MyMPesaStory

gmeltdown: mpesa agents continue to be vulnerable to conmen, money launderers, and common thugs #MyMPesaStory

gmeltdown: Some computer at @kenyapower takes 12 hours to issue prepaid power vouchers acquired through mpesa pay bill no. 888880 #MyMPesaStory