Jun 19, 2011


NAIROBI, Kenya, Thursday, March 31, 2011.....Safaricom M-PESA’s 13.5 million customers can now receive international money transfers from 45 countries and territories thanks to an agreement between Safaricom and Western Union.
Using any of the 80,000 Western Union agent locations across the globe, including the U.S, Canada, Italy and the U.K., customers can simply and conveniently send the money direct to the M-PESA “mobile wallet” of their friends or family members.
This is the largest deal of its kind in the world, no other Kenya operator can receive money from as many countries. The service rides on Western Union’s worldwide network for processing cross-border remittances and the unprecedented success of M-PESA; a mobile money transfer service in Kenya offered by Safaricom, which has attracted more than 13.5 million customers since its launch in 2007.
The service will be welcomed by thousands of Kenyans working abroad. According to the Central Bank of Kenya, Kenyans living outside their home country sent US$642 million home in 2010 – up from the US$609 million sent home in 2009.
Speaking at Safaricom headquarters in Nairobi, CEO Bob Collymore said, “Our customers are very proud of the revolutionary M-PESA service, and this partnership sees us pushing new boundaries to continue to keep Kenya at the forefront of the mobile world. Through this partnership, our customers and their friends and families will benefit from affordable, faster and more convenient international remittances, and the money is available to use straightaway for any M-PESA transaction, or can be withdrawn as cash at any of our 24,000 Safaricom agents.”
“We are pleased to extend our service with Safaricom, and we look forward to adding additional functionality for M-PESA users in the near future,” said David Yates, Executive Vice President and President, Business Development and Innovation, Western Union.


Nairobi, March 15, 2011… Deacons Kenya Limited customers can now pay for their goods using the globally acclaimed M-PESA service.
The move follows a partnership agreement signed between integrated communications company Safaricom and leading lifestyle company Deacons Kenya Limited.
Dubbed Nunua na M-PESA, the service will be the second on the M-PESA Buy Goods menu after a similar agreement was signed with supermarket giants Uchumi and Naivas late last year.
Over 13.5 million M-PESA customers now stand to benefit from this enhanced, safe and efficient shopping experience at all the 21 Deacons stores countrywide.
Deacons stores operate under the following brands; Woolworths, Truworths, Identity, 4U2, Mr. Price, Mr Price Home, Angelo, Adidas and Life Fitness.
Speaking during the launch of the service at Sarit Centre, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore said Safaricom was leading the way towards a mobile wallet and a complete cash-less society, thereby reducing the risks that come with carrying cash.
“We have today witnessed the launch of another value added service from the M-PESA stable. Safaricom is leading the way in entrenching mobile and online payments among Kenyans, thereby reducing the risks involved in carrying cash,” said Mr. Collymore.
Mr. Collymore added that the company would continue partnering with other service providers both public and private to come up with innovations that improve the living standards of its customers.
“We are continuously partnering with other organizations in our quest to innovate cutting edge products and services that improve the lives of ordinary Kenyans and our customers in general,” he added.
Since launch in March 2007, M-PESA has evolved beyond money transfer into a total mobile commerce solution. Towards this end, Safaricom has partnered over 600 utility providers cutting across various sectors of the economy.
Last month, Safaricom partnered with I&M Bank and Visa International to launch the M-PESA Prepay Visa Card making shopping, both locally and internationally, a convenient for M-PESA users as they can easily pay using the Visa Pre-Paid card. Deacon’s high-net customers will enjoy the convenience of shopping with M-PESA Prepay Visa card.
Deacons Kenya Limited CEO Muchiri Wahome said Nunua na M-PESA would greatly improve on efficiency for its customers by giving them a convenient mode of payment.
Said Mr Wahome: “Having been in this market for the last 53 years, Deacons is continuously looking for new ways of meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. In line with this, we are embracing new technology to keep abreast with our customers and make shopping indeed a pleasant and remarkable experience for our customers in Nairobi and Mombasa,”


Nairobi, May 18th, 2010...Equity Bank and Safaricom have launched an ultimate bank account that lets
customers transfer money to and from their M-PESA accounts via their mobile handsets while enjoying other benefits that come with the bank account.

Speaking at a launch presided by President Mwai Kibaki, Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Michael Joseph said “M-PESA is proud to launch another new initiative with our partners Equity Bank by offering a new service that will target customers who are looking for the convenience of a bank account that uses M-PESA s the tool to deposit money into their accounts. This is a great idea that will drive customers to save into their bank accounts and enjoy the benefits of having the value added services of both M-PESA and and EQUITY Bank account.”

Customers will not have to go to the bank to check their account balances. They will comfortably do it on phone. The mobile system will allow the customer to check their last 5 transactions on their linked account.

With the M-KESHO Account, you will be able to get pre-qualified Personal Accident insurance cover for you and your family affordable, access short-term loan facilities ranging from 100/=, and earn interest on your mobile account from as little as 1/=.

Equity Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr James Mwangi said ‘It is with great passion that we offer this range of service on your mobile phone. We want to ensure that no Kenyan is locked out of accessing basic banking services. If you look at other solutions in the market, nobody has put together all these services to provide this kind of convenience to the customer. This is in line with our mission to offer inclusive, customer-focused financial services that socially and economically empower our clients and other stakeholders.’

Customers will be able to request for Insurance Policies and get covered without having to walk into
Insurance Company or see an Insurance agent. The customer will be covered by the terms and conditions of operating the account once they request for the policy. The premiums payment will be tiered so as not to lock out those who truly need them.

The application is built with the ability to score a customer’s credit rating using 6 months history of his M-PESA-centric balances. The customer will request for the facility through his phone and the bank will
respond with the fate of the application with either loading the money into his M-KESHO Account or
otherwise. Asking for short-term credit while down at the village, cannot be made easier. There is no
application form to fill, no cost of travelling and no waiting next in line to apply with the officer.
The partners intend to carry out media promotions on these services to educate customers on how to
register for the M-PESA Equity Bank Account. Both Equity Bank and Safaricom would continue to enter into strategic partnerships of the type launched today to deepen their product offering and stretch their reach.

Of great importance is the use of the existing M-PESA agent infrastructure. M-PESA agents are urged to
apply to offer these services in their outlets to further supplement their commissions. The product is currently vailable in 4 agent locations with plans to roll out to over 5,000 in the next few months.
These are services that customers have continually demanded. Research conducted by the partners
showed that most Kenyan customers own Safaricom lines and are more likely to transact through their
phones. The account comes at a time when over 4.5 Million Equity Bank and over 9.5 Million M-PESA
customers require a link between the two services. The two firms have previously offered all registered M-PESA customers the ability to withdraw M-PESA from the over 550 Equity Bank ATMs.
The inter-linking of the M-PESA system, Kenya’s first mobile money transfer service with conventional banking infrastructure like Equity’s presents a ground-breaking innovation that is a fitting platform for the development of new services in line with M-PESA’s positioning.


Safaricom in another first as M-PESA enters Supermarkets

Nairobi, October 22, 2010…In a milestone that is set to re-define the shopping experience, Kenyans can now pay for their goods at supermarkets using the M-PESA service.
Dubbed Nunua na M-PESA, the new service can be enjoyed by over 12 million M-PESA customers and is initially available at all Uchumi and Naivas Supermarket outlets across the country. This follows the signing of partnership agreements between leading telecommunications firm Safaricom and the Uchumi and Naivas Supermarkets.
While speaking at the launch ceremony held at an Uchumi outlet, Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph said the company was leading the way towards a cash-less society where most payments will be made via the telephone or online, hence reducing the risks involved in carrying cash.
“I am extremely excited to be launching Nunua na M-PESA service allowing cashless payments at-the-till for people without a bank account. It resonates with our company‟s commitment to lead the way in innovations that provide convenience and security to our subscribers,” said Joseph. “Following positive feedback from customers who participated in a pilot, as well as the Central Banks go-ahead to roll-out, we shall now proceed with expanding the merchants that will accept Nanua na M-PESA”.
Joseph said Safaricom will continue partnering with organizations to expand the variety of payments that can be made using M-PESA with the aim of providing increased convenience to Kenyans while at the same time maximizing their mobile phone usage.
“This is yet another effort by Safaricom and partners to deepen online and cash-less payment solution in Kenya. It resonates with our company‟s commitment to lead the way in innovations that improve the living standards of our subscribers, in line with M-PESA‟s „Bigger Than Cash‟ aspirations,” said Mr Joseph.
To enjoy the service, customers will need to show an accepted identification document and follow these simple steps on their M-PESA menu:
1. Select „Buy Goods‟
2. Enter the „Till Number‟ of the organization they are paying (as displayed)
3. Enter the amount they wish to pay (Between Sh100-35,000)
4. Enter the M-PESA PIN number, confirm their entry and then press OK.
Upon payment, both the customer and the supermarket sales assistant will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA. The sales assistant will then complete the transaction and issue the customer with his sales receipt as normal – indicating the amount paid by M-PESA.
Currently there is no charge to use the Nunua na M-PESA service; however Safaricom may at a later stage introduce a nominal fee. Payments of between KShs 100 and 35,000 per transaction can be made
Since launch in March 2007, M-PESA has evolved beyond money transfer into a total mobile commerce solution. Towards this end, Safaricom has partnered with various utility providers cutting across various sectors of the economy.


Thursday 25th November 2010…Safaricom’s M-PESA service is set for a major upgrade starting Saturday 27th November 2010 at 9.00 p.m. (at night) with a planned 36 hours downtime. 
Customers will be able to resume the use of the M-PESA services on Monday 29th November 2010 at 6.00 a.m. (in the morning).
The upgrade will put the M-PESA system on a new platform with very high capacity to keep in pace with the service’s unprecedented take-up since launch in March, 2007. 
During the 3 years and 8 months that the system has been in use, M-PESA has grown to attract over 13.5 million subscribers served from over 21,000 agent outlets all over Kenya.
From the initial ‘send money home’ service, the service offering has expanded to facilitate airtime top-up, bill payment, salary disbursements and more recently the M-KESHO partnership with Equity Bank. 
During the scheduled downtime, ALL M-PESA Services, including new registrations, M-PESA Transactions, Customer Care and airtime top-up via M-PESA will be unavailable. Customers and Agents attempting to transact on M-PESA will receive an SMS response advising them of outage.
Although customers will not be able to access funds in their account during the service outage, any balance they have in their M-PESA account will remain secure and become available to them once service is resumed.

Commenting on the upgrade, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore regretted the inconvenience caused to customers but stressed that it was a necessary but a temporary sacrifice in order to be able to take the globally-acclaimed service to the “next level.”
“In line with our aim of continuously satisfying and meeting customer needs, Safaricom shall be carrying out an upgrade of the M-PESA system to a new platform. The M-PESA service has become critical to so many Kenyans, and we regret the need to disable M-PESA for any period of time. However, I am excited by the opportunities that the new platform will provide us to enhance our service offering in the future. 
“This new M-PESA platform will allow for faster transaction turnaround and ensure system stability as it will be able to handle more transactions. M-PESA will also be able to offer innovative services with the new platform and also give our current and potential business partners ease of integration,” said Mr Collymore.
 “We are aware of the critical role M-PESA plays in facilitating and enabling day-to-day life in Kenya, no effort has been spared by Safaricom to ensure the system is back up as soon as possible and on schedule.” 
“I would also like to assure all our customers that during this period, all the money kept as M-PESA shall be safe in line with the high standards of human and systems integrity that this great and revolutionary service was founded on,” Mr Collymore added. 

Safaricom extends M-PESA service to key micro- financier

May 4th 2009 – Customers of SMEP (Small and Micro Enterprise Programme ), a
Kenyan micro-financier working with small businesses, can now make their monthly
loan repayments and savings contributions through Safaricom’s popular M-PESA

The service launched today aims at offering the organization’s over 51,000 customers a
reliable and convenient means of payment.

It is also in keeping with the brand identity of M-PESA, an internationally acclaimed
innovation by Safaricom and its partner Vodafone, which was founded on the need for
money transfer services among the unbanked and small businesses operating outside
the formal financial services infrastructure.

SMEP, one of the country’s top five micro-finance institutions (MFIs) is a non – profit
entity that seeks to improve the performance of low-income entrepreneurs operating in
Kenya’s vast informal sector by providing financial and non-financial assistance. It has a
national network of 19 branches with branches in rural, urban and peri-urban areas.
Speaking during the launch, Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Mr. Michael Joseph said
the company is committed to offering business solutions that make it easier for its
partners to serve their customers effectively.

“We will continuously enter into strategic partnerships with key service providers to
create innovative products and services that meet the requirements of our customers
and business partners. As part of this strategy, we are in constant touch with public
utility companies, financial institutions, supermarkets, and fuel stations amongst others,”
he said. “We recognize that many of our customers are members of micro-finance
organizations, and are glad to provide an avenue that over 6 million M-PESA customers
can transact with their MFI with more convenience and flexibility”.

To use the service, SMEP customers who are registered for M-PESA will select “Pay
Bill” on the M-PESA menu; then enter the SMEP business number, their allocated
account number (as provided at the point of recruitment), the amount of money they
wish to transfer to SMEP and then enter their M-PESA Personal Identification Number

Customers using the service can pay between KShs 100 and KShs 10,000 per
transaction. A transaction fee of KShs 20 applies, with deposits to M-PESA being free.
Upon remittance of funds, the payment data generated will be directly uploaded to the
SMEP loan tracking system.

The new service has been piloted since late 2008, with SMEP having received
assistance with integrating M-PESA payments to their customers from Mobile micro-
finance Ltd [M.M.L] (U.K), Triple Jump and Oxfam Novib.

By signing up for the service, SMEP becomes the first micro finance institution to use
M-PESA to receive customers’ monthly contributions (savings) and loan repayments. As
a company SMEP has lived up to its mission of offering services using efficient and
effective technology.

“Our customers from all corners of the country including the areas that have no banking
services can easily deposit their savings and pay their loans from the comfort of their
businesses and homes anytime, anywhere.” says the CEO of SMEP, Mrs. Phyllis
The microfinance institution boasts of a customer base of 51,000 and offers a varied
range of products including business, agriculture, household, individual loans, project
financing, housing/building loans, collateral savings, health insurance policy, and Hisa
Loans among others.

Mr. Joseph says that to date over 60 companies have signed up for the Pay Bill service
and accept payments via M-PESA from customers and that the company was
committed to entering into relationships with other companies to enhance the
customer’s experience in interacting with the M-PESA service.

He emphasized that the existing M-PESA rules apply when paying bills. Under the
terms, maximum transaction amount per day is pegged at KShs 70,000 while the
maximum amount transferable per transaction is KShs 35,000. Transactions to SMEP
are capped at KShs 10,000 in line with their particular customer needs. He further
reminded customers to keep their 4-digit M-PESA PIN secret at all times.

source: www.safaricom.co.ke

M-PESA - KCB Partnership to ease agent access to e-float

May 6, 2009.... Mobile phone service provider Safaricom has signed a deal with
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) for Agent to Agent transactions that will help
improve availability of M-PESA in the market.

With the signing of the deal, authorized M-PESA agents can instantly access M-
PESA when they make cash deposits at the bank.

Agents need both M-PESA and cash to serve customers. Currently, to obtain M-
PESA, agents deposit cash into the M-PESA Holding Company bank account at
Commercial Bank of Africa. In the event that they need to convert M-PESA into
cash (a cash withdrawal) agents initiate a request on the M-PESA system which
then goes through an internal process before the money is transferred to the
agent’s bank account through an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

With the introduction of the KCB partnership, M-PESA Agents now have an
alternative and quicker process to access M-PESA or cash at a nominal
commission to the bank. To use the service, agent outlets are required to
register their authorized personnel with KCB.

Pilot testing for Agent to Agent transactions began in February with Safaricom
testing the service with 20 agent outlets and 16 KCB branches in different parts
of the country. Following the successful pilot, the service is now available at
all 145 KCB branches and is being introduced to the over 9,000 M-PESA agents
around the country.

Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Mr. Michael Joseph says M-PESA agents will
be able to access M-PESA or withdraw money from designated agents
comprising initially of major financial institutions.

The first of these designated Agents is the KCB branch network.

“We believe that this new service will increase M-PESA availability in the
market as money will be able to circulate faster,” he said during the signing
ceremony at Safaricom House.

Mr. Joseph emphasized that Safaricom sees it as crucial for M-PESA to form
strategic alliances with banks and other financial institutions to offer services
that compliment each other to meet consumer needs.

Speaking at the event, KCB Group Chief Executive Mr. Martin Oduor-Otieno said
the provision of services to M-PESA Agents was a key area of innovation that
the bank will actively participate in as it continuously looks for opportunities
for more innovative ways of doing business.

KCB also announced plans to designate one location within the Nairobi Central
Business District by end of this month which will be open for seven days a week
to give agents an opportunity to work all days of the week without running out
of either M-PESA or cash to serve customers.

“M-PESA agents will also have a Bank to deposit their cash thus not run the risk
of having too much cash on them thus creating a security risk to themselves,”
Mr. Oduor-Otieno said.

KCB’s wide national reach with over 145 branches together with the seven days
a week working hours will make it easy for agents even in remote areas; to
carry out their banking needs to enhance their M-PESA agent roles.

source: www.safaricom.co.ke

Safaricom extends M-PESA service to KPLC customers

Thursday, April 30, 2009:

Electricity customers can now settle their power bills through the popular
M-PESA service.

This follows the signing of an agreement between Safaricom and The
Kenya Power and Lighting Company Ltd. (KPLC) today after the
successful conclusion of a pilot project for mobile phone-based power bill
payment service.

The unique, reliable, convenient and revolutionary M-PESA service will be
available to the more than 1.3 million electricity customers, said KPLC
Managing Director & CEO, Eng. Joseph Njoroge, during launch of the
service at Stima Plaza.

Eng. Njoroge said the agreement between KPLC and Safaricom for the
payment service through M-PESA demonstrated the company’s
unrelenting efforts to enhance its customer service. “We see value in this
partnership in that M-PESA has a country-wide network, and this offers our
customers convenience when paying their electricity bills and for KPLC an
opportunity to maximize on collection of revenue” he remarked.

He described the service as “a unique and revolutionary concept, as over
6 million M-PESA subscribers will be able to conveniently transfer money to
pay their electricity bills through mobile phones.”

With the steady increase in KPLC customer numbers due to accelerated
connections, Eng. Njoroge said it had become necessary to provide
power bill paying options that are innovative and convenient, and those
that take advantage of new and evolving technologies. Besides, the
optional payment services would help to reduce the number of customers
visiting the company’s banking halls, he added.

Customers using the service will be charged Kshs15 to pay electricity bills
of between Kshs100 and Kshs10,000 while those paying between
Kshs10,001 and Kshs35,000 will be charged Kshs25. M-PESA has no charges
for cash deposits and therefore has no hidden fees. To ensure no
disruption to subscribers electricity supply, it is advisable to make
payments at least 2 days before the KPLC payment due date.

Registered M-PESA customers can use the service by following these easy
1. Select “Pay Bill” on the M-PESA menu
2. Enter the KPLC business number as 888888
3. Enter their KPLC account number in full, as it appears on their
electricity bill, for example 01234567-00
4. Enter the payment amount electricity (between Kshs100 and
5. Enter the M-PESA Personal Identification Number (PIN) & confirm all
6. M-PESA will send a confirmation message with payment details.

Speaking during the launch of the service, Safaricom Chief Executive
Office Michael Joseph said that with the entry of new mobile service
providers in the market, it is Value Added Services such as M-PESA’s Pay
Bill that are the key factors that will contribute towards customer loyalty.

“As a revolutionary service, we expect M-PESA to offer Kenyans a reliable
and convenient payment means. This partnership with KPLC is therefore a
veritable turning point that we are offering Kenyans. It is a demonstration
of our commitment to serve our customers even better,” he said.

The growth of the M-PESA service has gone beyond its primary role of
mobile money transfer to include value-added services such as the Pay
Bill and Bulk Payments functionalities.

Mr. Joseph says over 60 companies have already signed up to use M-
PESA’s Pay Bill service to accept payments via M-PESA from customers.
“We are happy to have partnered with Kenya Power and Lighting so that
our customers can pay their electricity bill at their convenience – anytime,

M-PESA, the electronic money transfer service launched in partnership
with Vodafone in March 2007, has grown steadily and since launch two
years ago has registered over 6 million users who can access the service
at over 8,000 agents countrywide.

source: www.safaricom.co.ke

M-PESA in partnership with Grundfos for rural water provision

Kitui, September 4, 2009........Listed telecoms operator Safaricom has entered into a
partnership with Grundfos LIFELINK, part of the worldwide pump manufacturer
Grundfos, that allows rural communities to access safe water and pay for it through the M-
PESA money transfer service.

The unique partnership officially launched in Katitika, Kitui District today, uses M-PESA’s
Pay Bill functionality. It transfers a subscriber’s M-PESA balance to a smart card which can
then be used to draw water at subsidized rates from automatic water systems specially
developed by Grundfos.

Speaking during the launch, Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Michael Joseph said the
partnership was in line with the company’s commitment to supporting worthy causes
within communities and deploying appropriate technologies to answer society’s challenges.
“Safaricom is at the forefront of supporting worthy causes such as the provision of clean,
safe drinking water and generally assisting the communities in which we operate. This
principle is not just ingrained in our corporate giving function. It is at the very core of our
commercial drive as M-PESA shows,” said Joseph.

Grundfos LIFELINK is working to develop and promote a sustainable solution to rural water
supply in developing countries. General Manager Lars Laursen of Grundfos LIFELINK
(Kenya) Ltd. said the company would use the Grundfos Group’s wide experience in
advanced pumping technology to ensure communities in water-deficient areas have a
steady flow of safe drinking water.

“With this launch, rural water supply in Kenya takes a leap into the future with a new and
sustainable solution for small rural communities. By using a smart card, financial
sustainability and good governance is ensured and the exchange of cash is avoided. The
price of water will be close to the prices generally paid for the same in the rural areas,” said
Mr. Laursen.

Under the arrangement between M-PESA and Grundfos LIFELINK, each user is provided
with a smart card fitted with a micro-chip. The user is able to buy water by depositing
money from their M-PESA account into a Grundfos M-PESA business account under the Pay
Bill functionality.

The money is then loaded into the user’s smart card. Each time the user needs to buy water,
the smart card is inserted into a slot on the tapping point and water automatically starts
running until the card is removed and the amount corresponding to the amount of water
tapped is deducted from the card.

The project has several inbuilt features to ensure sustainability. Through M-PESA, the
beneficiaries contribute to a community trust that pays for the solar powered water
pumping system from Grundfos. The money also caters for the maintenance of the system.
The community acquires the water pumping system on credit and at affordable rates. The
system has a business model that enables the communities to acquire the pump while
paying for the investment gradually through utility fees.

Mr. Joseph said that apart from being a reliable money transfer service, M-PESA would
continue to enter into strategic partnerships with other institutions aimed at improving lives
and meeting changing customer requirements. Such initiatives have been a major driver for
the service’s leadership in Kenya.

“M-PESA will continuously seek strategic partnerships with key service providers in other
industries such as public utility companies, government agencies, banks and other financial
institutions and other service providers in our endeavour to come up with innovative
products and services to meet the requirements of our customers and business partners,”
said Joseph.

The project, whose launch was presided over by Water Minister Charity Ngilu is the first
one of its kind in Kenya with a commitment from the partners to spread it to other
drought-prone areas. Safaricom Foundation, the telecom firm’s corporate giving arm, which
runs a portfolio of water projects in the country, is already in talks with Grundfos LIFELINK
to use the model to embed accountable and sustainable community management in some
of its projects.

The model also includes a local service organisation for regular maintenance of the system
and service calls. Courtesy of the Safaricom infrastructure, the unit’s performance is
monitored real-time via the Internet and failure messages automatically relayed.
For environmental sustainability, the water systems run entirely on solar energy. This
eliminates problems and expenses traditionally associated with diesel-driven or hand-
operated pumps.

About Grundfos LIFELINK: Grundfos LIFELINK is a subsidiary of the world leading water
pump manufacturer Grundfos, which employs more than 18,500 people in 81 companies in
45 countries worldwide. With an annual production of more than 16 million pump units,
Grundfos is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. The Grundfos Group has more
than 60 years of experience in developing, selling and servicing pumps for water supply,
industry and building services. It equally has a long tradition for innovation and corporate
social responsibility.

About Safaricom’s M-PESA service: Launched in partnership with Vodafone in March 2007,
Safaricom’s M-PESA is the first commercial mobile money transfer system anywhere in the
world. Designed to answer to the needs of the unbanked and people outside the formal
financial system, this trailblazing innovation has had phenomenal success, to global acclaim.

According to July 2009 figures, M-PESA today serves a growing clientele of over 7 million
subscribers through an agency network estimated at over 12,000. It has handled over Sh210
billion in person-to-person transfers since launch, while the monthly cash flow has reached
Sh20 billion.

Safaricom, Housing Finance sign M-PESA service deal

Nairobi, 18th March 2008....Kenya's leading mobile telephone service provider, Safaricom today partnered with premier mortgage financier, Housing Finance, to offer M-PESA service from its outlets countrywide.

The M-PESA service allows customers to deposit, send and withdraw amounts of between Kshs 100 and Kshs 35,000 per transaction from their M-PESA account. The partnership will enable customers transact larger amounts of money within this range, at more outlets.

Safaricom Chief Executive Officer, Michael Joseph, said the partnership will increase the number of M- PESA outlets countrywide to over 1,850 to cater for M-PESA’s fast growing customer base. M-PESA subscribers have increased to over 1.6 million since the service was introduced in March 2007.

 “Since the launch of the M-PESA service 11 months ago, the service has recorded cumulative person-to- person transfers of over KShs 9.3 billion which has made it necessary for Safaricom to broaden its M-PESA distribution network,” Joseph said.

Housing Finance Managing Director, Frank Ireri, said the partnership is part of Housing Finance’s strategic plan of integrating financial services under one roof.

“The new offering gives Kenyans one more reason to stay with us as they will be able to carry out most of their financial transactions with greater cost and time efficiency under one roof. It is an important value addition to our customers,” said Ireri.

Housing Finance began offering the new service last month and has already registered impressive figures for customer deposits and withdrawals, with most transactions being seen in Kisumu and Nyeri.

Transactions at Housing Finance outlets are expected to increase over the coming months with the growing public awareness.

The partnership comes just one month after the Mortgage Financier entered into an agency agreement with Faida Investment Bank in the purchase and sale of securities at the Nairobi Stock Exchange. Under the agreement, Housing Finance was to act as an agent for Faida Investment Bank on behalf of investors countrywide.

Housing Finance currently has 10 branches, four of which are in Nairobi and six in Mombasa, Thika, Nakuru, Nyeri, Kisumu and Eldoret.

The M-PESA service provides a fast, safe and affordable way to transfer money using mobile phones. “We at Safaricom would like to assure our customers that we shall continue to grow the M-PESA network to cater for our customers needs.” Joseph said.

source: www. safaricom.co.ke

M-PESA to be available at Caltex petrol stations

07th May 2008

Mobile phone service provider, Safaricom, and Chevron Kenya Ltd have

entered into a partnership that will make it possible for customers to access M-
PESA at selected Caltex service stations countrywide.

Under the agreement, Chevron Kenya, through its partners at retail fuel stations,
will be Agents for cash in / cash out & customer registrations for the increasingly
popular M-PESA money transfer service.

Speaking during the signing of the partnership agreement, Safaricom Chief
Executive Officer Michael Joseph said the arrangement will maximize coverage
and convenience of the service. “This partnership will deliver greater cost
efficiencies to Safaricom, while enabling us to expand our M-PESA agent
distribution to the advantage of our customers by utilising Chevron Kenya’s
national network,” said Joseph.

Chevron’s General Manager for Africa, Pakistan and Middle East, Jeremy
Passmore said customers visiting Caltex Star Mart shop have now have an
added value; adding “Our customers can fuel, shop and transfer money at one
location. This is in line with Chevron’s vision of being at the heart and mind of the
customers by continuously offering value added services.’

Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph, expressed optimism that more users will sign
up for the money transfer service, due to Chevron Kenya’s excellent customer
service. “By signing this agreement today we look forward to increasing the
supply of M-PESA by taking advantage of Chevron Kenya’s expertise in the
customer service sector.’

Currently, more that 20 Caltex outlets are offering M-PESA services and more
are expected to come on board. There are over 350 M-PESA Agents country
wide including Safaricom airtime dealers, supermarkets, cybercafés & other
retailers. Chevron is the 1st fuel station chain to offer M-PESA services.

Launched in March this year, M-PESA has harnessed a large portion of the un-
banked population, luring new users through decreased risk, affordability and
convenience of the transfer service. “We have registered more than 55,000
customers & moved more than 150Million KShs from 1 person to another since
the launch, and the numbers keeps rising as more people appreciate its
advantages,” said Joseph.

source: www.safaricom.co.ke

M-PESA joins with Postbank for national reach

Nairobi 17/07/2008

Mobile phone service provider Safaricom has signed an agreement with Postbank to allow
customers to access M-PESA services at all Postbank branches. Under the agreement, Postbank
outlets will be Agents for cash in / cash out & customer registrations for the increasingly popular M-
PESA money transfer service.

Speaking during the signing of the partnership agreement, Safaricom Chief Executive Officer
Michael Joseph said the new arrangement will maximize coverage of cash availability for the
service. “This partnership will deliver improved customer convenience and coverage for M-PESA
users. As a bank, Postbank is well suited to serve larger value M-PESA transactions,” said Joseph.
He expressed optimism that more users will sign up for the money transfer service, due to
Postbank’s wide reach and availability. “By signing this agreement today we look forward to
increasing the distribution points of M-PESA and taking advantage of Postbank’s expertise to
deliver an enhanced and added value service to users,” he added.

Postbank Managing Director, Mrs. Nyambura Koigi, expressed that “Postbank’s value proposition
is commitment to quality Customer Service and offering market led products. Postbank is happy to
add M-Pesa services to its current product offering”.

The Managing Director/Postbank said that Postbank is continually improving its services delivery
systems and these improvements have enabled the bank attract more customers and forge
business alliances with many corporate bodies one of which we are witnessing today. “We strongly
value the partnership between Postbank and Safaricom and we look forward to this relationship
growing from strength to strength to cover other products and services,” concluded Nyambura.

Postbank’s 80 branches have expanded the M-PESA network to over 615 Agents. M-PESA Agents
include Safaricom airtime dealers, a courier company, petrol stations chains, supermarkets,
cybercafés, and other retailers; Postbank is the first bank to offer M-PESA services.

Launched in March this year, M-PESA is providing access to financial services to the un-banked
population, luring new users through decreased risk, affordability and convenience of the transfer
service. “In 4 months we have registered over 200,000 customers and another 150,000
unregistered customers have received money through M-PESA. While it is too early to comment on
the profitability of the service we can confirm that we have moved in excess of 850 million KShs
through the system.” said Joseph.

Source: www.safaricom.co.ke

M-PESA customers to withdraw cash from PesaPoint ATMs

 03rd September 2008

Safaricom and PesaPoint have entered into a partnership that will allow M-PESA
registered customers to withdraw money from PesaPoint ATMs using their Safaricom
phone, without the use of an ATM card.

“M-PESA customers can now enjoy faster processing of withdrawals at more than 110
PesaPoint ATMs in 46 towns around the country,” Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Mr
Michael Joseph said.

“Our partnership with PesaPoint has facilitated an exciting innovation of the M-PESA
service to provide exciting new functionality to our customers. This connection between
mobile money transfer and financial services infrastructure is world leading and presents
the potential for even more services going forward” said Joseph.

On his part, PesaPoint Managing Director Bernard Matthewman said “The service will be
available to M-PESA registered customers at PesaPoint ATMs 24 hours a day, seven
days a week, 365 days per year offering increased convenience to M-PESA customers.”
“Unbanked Kenyans can now access their money at any PesaPoint ATM. Kenya is the
1st country in the world in which card-less transactions at an ATM are available for
traditionally unbanked users of mobile phones to withdraw cash” he continued. He
added that PesaPoint customer service representatives have been deployed to assist M-
PESA users with their withdrawals and that a strong educational campaign was being
launched in the media.

Matthewman said that PesaPoint will continue to partner and innovate with firms like
Safaricom to provide a wide range of transactional services through its operations in
East Africa, to ensure customers access fast, affordable and convenient services
wherever they are.

The service is available to registered M-PESA customers, who can now use their
Safaricom phone to withdraw between 200 & 20,000 KShs from a PesaPoint ATM.
Customers request for a withdrawal from their M-PESA menu and receive a one-time
ATM Authorisation Code. They input this Code into the ATM together with their
Safaricom phone number and the amount they wish to withdraw; the PesaPoint ATM
then dispenses their cash and a receipt.

About M-PESA
The M-PESA service, the first of its kind in the world, was launched in March 2007. The
service currently has over 3 million customers and 3,000 Agent outlets countrywide.
Safaricom launched the electronic money transfer service in partnership with Vodafone.
To date the service has facilitated the transfer of over KShs 25 billion between
customers. The service does not require users to have a bank account; an important
aspect in Kenya, where millions of people do not operate bank accounts. With M-PESA,
account holders can buy electronic funds at an M-PESA agent and send the electronic
value to any other mobile phone user in the country, who can then redeem it for
conventional cash at any M-PESA agent. M-PESA customers can hold up to KShs
50,000 in their M-PESA account at any one time, and can do transactions of up to KShs
70,000 in a day. Between KShs 100 and KShs 35,000 can be deposited, sent or
withdrawn per transaction. The value in a customers account is protected by the 4-digit
M-PESA PIN, which should at all times be kept secret.

About PesaPoint
PesaPoint is a third party ATM (Automated Teller Machine) network in Kenya with
locations in 46 towns and more than 110 sites, with the goal of extending the reach of
financial services by providing Kenyans access to transactional infrastructure in urban,
peri-urban and most importantly rural areas. PesaPoint currently provides acquiring for
33 financial institutions as well as Visa, Mastercard, Amex and JCB as well as providing
value added services such as prepaid purchases of airtime and bill payments. PesaPoint
forms part of the Paynet Group which provides a wide range of transactional services
through its operations in East Africa and Zimbabwe.

SOURCE: www.safaricom.co.ke

Safaricom, Old Mutual sign deal

....partnership allows Old Mutual customers to pay Toboa top ups via M-PESA

Nairobi, 15th October 2008: Old Mutual Kenya has entered into partnership with Safaricom to
enable investors pay top-ups on their unit trust investments through its revolutionary money
transfer service, M-PESA

The deal, signed today at Safaricom House, will enable investors to pay for top ups of Old
Mutual’s Toboa Investment Plan - in simple steps using M-PESA

The partnership with Old Mutual marks the launch of customer to business (C2B) functionality on
the M-PESA platform through which customers can settle their utility bills, loan repayments,
insurance premiums and investment contributions safely and conveniently.

Old Mutual Kenya’s Group Chief Executive Mr. Bertie van der Walt said the agreement is a
milestone for the company and will enable millions of Kenyans to easily boost their future
investment plans.

“Unit trusts are becoming increasingly popular as investment vehicles in Kenya and, already, we
are the oldest and biggest player in that market segment. The signing of this deal is, therefore a
significant watershed in our distribution to Kenya’s investing public,” said Mr. Bertie van der Walt
Those willing to invest in unit trusts through the investment firm should be registered to use
Safaricom’s M-PESA service. They will then register themselves with the Toboa Investment Plan
and will use the money-transfer service to make their monthly contributions.

“As a revolutionary service that has changed the lives of millions of Kenyans, we expect M-PESA
to help us penetrate the mass market in our bid to offer Kenyans reliable investment products.
This partnership with Safaricom is therefore a veritable turning point that we are offering in this
market. It is a demonstration of our commitment to boost investment levels in Kenya,” said Mr.
Bertie van der Walt

Launched in March 2007 in conjunction with Vodafone, the uptake and use of M-PESA is rising
remarkably. New registrations continue to exceed an average of 10,000 subscribers per day.
There were a total of 3.7 million registered M-PESA users by August, 2008.
“This partnership will enable Kenyans to enjoy a fast, safe, affordable and convenient way to
invest in this investment plan throughout the country using their mobile phones,” Safaricom Chief
Executive Officer Mr Michael Joseph said.

With M-PESA amounts ranging from Kshs 100 to Kshs 35,000 can be deposited, sent or
withdrawn per transaction from over 3,700 M-PESA agents countrywide.
The partnership between Safaricom and Old Mutual comes as an additional sweetener to
investors, coming a couple of months after Old Mutual launched Toboa, an investment plan
targeting Kenyans willing to invest a minimum of Kshs 7,500.

Prior to the launch of the plan, investors were required to raise about Kshs 200,000 to buy these
investment vehicles.
Old Mutual and Safaricom are constantly looking for new market segments where they can offer
innovative products and services tailor-made to suit customer needs.
About M-PESA

The M-PESA service, the first of its kind in the world, was launched in March 2007. The service
currently has over 3.7 million customers and over 3,700 Agent outlets countrywide. Safaricom
launched the electronic money transfer service in partnership with Vodafone.

To date the service has facilitated the transfer of over KShs 44 billion between customers. The
service does not require users to have a bank account; an important aspect in Kenya, where
millions of people remain unbanked. M-PESA allows account holders to purchase electronic funds
at M-PESA agent outlets and send the electronic value to any other mobile phone user in the
country, who may then redeem it for conventional cash at any M-PESA agent outlet.

M-PESA customers can hold up to KShs 50,000 in their M-PESA account at any one time, and
can do transactions of up to KShs 70,000 in a day. Between KShs 100 and KShs 35,000 can be
deposited, sent or withdrawn per transaction. The value in a customers account is protected by
the 4-digit M-PESA PIN, which should at all times be kept secret.

About Toboa investment plan
The Toboa Investment Plan is an excellent way to invest on a regular basis for wealth
accumulation. It is a pool of savings by members. Old Mutual portfolio managers then invest the
pooled funds in selected securities.

Each person receives units depending on the size and value of his/her investment. The Toboa
Investment Plan is aimed at investors looking for a mixture of safety, income, and capital
appreciation. With an investment of Kshs 7,500 every month, the Toboa Investment Plan
provides investors with the opportunity to achieve capital growth and income objectives by
investing in shares for growth and interest bearing assets for income.

Why invest in Toboa?
Pooled resources: This allows the fund managers to buy shares from a position of strength in a
diversified portfolio.

The diversified portfolio: Spreading your investment reduces the overall risk of the investment
and maximizes returns.

Professional management: Old Mutual Asset managers manage all The Old Mutual Unit Trust
Funds. They are first class professional asset managers with a track record of research and
excellent returns in the Kenyan market.

Security: Unit Trust Funds are statutorily entrusted to the Capital Markets Authority and
controlled by the Collective Investment Schemes Regulations Act, aimed at protecting the
investor. These regulations relate to the activities of the Unit Trust Management companies.
Convenience: Old Mutual Unit Trusts are easy to buy and sell, and this can be done at any time.

Safaricom Launches Money Transfer Service

Safaricom released this press release on O6/03/2007

 Safaricom has launched a low cost money transfer service that will enable
users to send and receive money through their mobile phones, says CEO Michael Joseph.
Joseph says the service dubbed “M-PESA” will allow users an affordable, fast,
convenient, and safe way to transfer money by SMS anywhere in Kenya.
“Through M-PESA users will be able to deposit and withdraw money, send money to
another M-PESA customer or to someone who is not a subscriber of Safaricom,” said

Joseph explains the new service will work on new generation SIM cards, which will be
available for free at authorized agents. “For users to access this service, all they have to
do is register at any authorized M-PESA agent for free, by providing them with their
Safaricom mobile number and their identification card,” he explained.

“Once registered, customers will be given an M-PESA enabled SIM card, which will
allow them to put money into their account by depositing cash with an authorized agent.”
M-Pesa users will be able to withdraw cash after receiving an SMS, informing them of
the transaction. Clients who are not Safaricom subscribers will also be able to receive
their funds, on notification of transmission.

Customers do not need to have a bank account to benefit from M-Pesa services. Users
will deposit their money with authorized agents and withdraw the same from the mobile
phone service provider’s airtime distribution outlets.

Joseph says users will be allowed a maximum of Kshs 35,000 and a minimum of shs 100
for each transmission.

He also pointed out; the service’s ability to store money in mobile phones in the form of
e-cash, would benefit a larger percentage of the population who remain unbanked. “This
service will act as a virtual bank, where you can pass the day without carrying cash,
credit cards or debit cards by paying for everything, including consumer goods with the
e-cash stored on your mobile phone,” said Joseph.

Users of the service will be able to make several transactions via their mobile phones, for
instance paying school fees, construction workers in remote areas, insurance premiums,
utility bills and rent among other things.

Joseph added, the introduction of the service is part of the company’s commitment
towards offering premium products and services at affordable prices.

“We are committed to being a leading provider of quality mobile phone services in the
country and we will work hand in hand with our customers to serve their needs,” he said.
Kenya is the first country in the world to utilize this service, following an extensive pilot
study carried out with the mobile phone service provider’s parent company Vodafone to
gauge its viability.

Vodafone, which owns 40% of Safaricom, plans to rollout a similar service in
Afghanistan before the end of the year, and later Tanzania, South Africa and other
countries where Vodafone has a presence.

Jun 15, 2011

The Evolution of M-PESA

M-PESA'S initial main offering was p2p money transfer enabling users to send money to anyone with a mobile phone. M-PESA filled a niche which previously was essentially handled via informal channels- through personal trips, friends, relatives,and public transport.

Safaricom based the initial launch of the M-PESA service on the 'send money home' proposition. This targeted city dwellers with the need to send money to their relatives in the rural areas.

In recent months Safaricom has increasingly opened up M-PESA to offer more services. Since its launch in March 2007, M-PESA has spread quickly, and has become the most successful mobile-phone based financial service in the developing world.

M-PESA customers can now pay bills, pay for goods and services, deposit and withdraw money from bank, pay loans, buy water, pay school fees,buy airtickets, buy insurance.

This evolution of the M-PESA service has enabled up to 40 per cent of the adult population in Kenya get access to fiancial services. M-PESA is definately on the right path, and my hope is that the service will keep evolving untill the problem of financial inclusion in Kenya is successfully tackeld.

Jun 12, 2011

M-PESA DOCUMENTARY: How M-PESA is changing LIves in Kenya

Documentary showing how Safaricom's M-PESA Mobile Money Transfer service is changing lives in Kenya.

Jun 11, 2011

M-PESA in Brief


Safaricom launched M-PESA in Kenya in March 2007, and it has grown to become the most successful implementation of mobile financial service in the developing world.

M-PESA is an SMS-based moeny transfer system that allows individuals to deposit, send, withdraw funds, pay bills and shop for goods rght from their mobile phones.

To access the service one must be first register at an authorised M-PESA agent. They are then given a personal electronic account that is linked to their phone number and accessible through a SIM-based card-resident application on the cell phone.

Registered M-PESA users can deposit and withdraw caash to and from their accounts by exchanging cash for electronic value at a network of agents.

M-PESA registration and deposits are free. Users then pay a flat fee of kes 30 for person-to-person transfers and kes 25 for withdrawals, and kes 1 for balance enquiries.

M-PESA accounts are maintained in a server that is owned and managed by Vodafone but Safaricom deposits the full value of its customers' balances on the system in pooled accounts in regulated commercial banks.

SAfaricom allocates and manages the M-PESA accounts but the e-value in the accounts is fully backed by very liquid deposits at commercial banks.

M-PESA users are not paid interest on the balances in their accounts.