Aug 5, 2011

Vodacom Tanzania Gives M-PESA A New Look

Vodacom Tanzania has decided to give its Vodacom m-pesa service an extra new look to all its customers across the country. A look that will match the slogan of 'Kazi ni kwako' by linking this service with the work done by 'Superman', which are fast, safe, certain, and its readiness to assist community any time and any place.

Speaking to the media during the launch of the new look, Vodacom Tanzania Chief Officer Marketing and Corporate Affairs Mwamvita Makamba said the service, which is very important to its customers and the entire community, has been given an extra new look with the aim of further empowering users of that service.

"We are fully committed to improving our m-pesa services for our customer's benefit and all Tanzanians as a whole.  We have noticed this service had changed and made the lives of  because we have noticed that through this service, many Tanzanians have managed to change their lives and made great development steps," said Mwamvita.

Either, Ms Makamba added that Tanzanians will benefit more from m-pesa service for example; a customer will be able to buy an airtime through m-pesa, which he/she will use to recharge a phone and continue enjoying calling at an affordable rate at any time.

The other advantages of Vodacom m-pesa services includes its easiness to be available in most places and any time, enabling different businesses/enterprises to grow further, it can be used to pay school fees, rent and different bills. m-pesa service can as well be used when purchasing different commodities and many other things.

For the first time in the country Vodacom m-pesa services was officially introduced in 2008 and it has continued to grow to reach more than six million, five hundred thousand customers and has more than eight thousand agents and has empowered more than eighteen thousand people to get a long term employment.

More than Tsh10bn is going through m-pesa system. This is a good testimony on how Tanzanians have come to trust and love the service.

Ms Makamba concluded by saying m-pesa is more than a system of sending and receiving through a cellphone. "m-pesa is a Superman of Tanzanians," she said.