Aug 23, 2011

M-PESA technology facilitates extensive schools audit in Kenya

DFID, the major donor to the Kenya Ministry of Education has contracted RSM Tenon to carry out an extensive audit to determine how funds intended for free primary education are being distributed throughout the country.
Over a three week-long period in July 2010, Crown Agents paid per diem and fuel costs to more than 100 Ministry of Education internal auditors working on the project across eight selected provinces in Kenya.
Crown Agents is an international development specialist working with leaders across the world to make profound changes to systems, organisations and society.

 Working with the mobile telephone provider Safaricom, Crown Agents Kenya Limited has successfully installed M-PESA, a money transfer system, in the Crown Agents office in Kenya. Crown Agents Bank transferred money into the Safaricom bank account and auditors acting as M-PESA agents were able to draw money out at retail outlets using their mobile phones.
With a transfer notification being sent directly to the phone, the system is proving to be a convenient method of transfer. No hard currency is carried around and cash reaches the intended recipients without getting lost in transit.
The success of the M-PESA system was illustrated by the fact that more than Kshs. 6 million was transferred within the three week period and local hotels were willing to receive lodging payments using the system during the project.