Jul 23, 2011

M-Ticketing with M-PESA

M-ticketing is the process whereby customers can order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets from any location and at any time using cell phones or other mobile handsets.

How M-PESA M-Ticketing Works

  • A subscriber will visit an MPESA Agent to purchase a Ticket, for example Hotel Stay.

  • MPESA Agent may book for the subscriber or subscriber may book on their own using mobile phone. At this point, the Agent ID is inserted into the booking process for commission identification purpose. If Agent makes booking, ID is automatically recorded.

  • A payment request SMS will be sent to the subscriber Mobile Phone with Booking ID and Paybill Number.

  • Subscriber will make Payment via MPESA Paybill and as per SMS notification. If subscriber is not MPESA registered, agent will register subscriber promptly via normal MPESA process.

  • Subscriber will receive the regular MPESA TX Receipt and provide the same to the Agent for ticketing.

  • Agent will enter the MPESA TX Receipt into the Booking System against the Booking ID. System will verify and issue the ticket.

  • Subscriber will receive an SMS with ticket details.

  • Agent will/CAN print the Ticket and provide the same to the subscriber as hardcopy if the subscriber so wishes.

  • At the point of ticket utilization, service providers will require a computer to check ticket validity. A USSD/SMS/WAP service will also be provided to check ticket validity from a mobile phone.

  • On Ticket verification, subscriber is allowed to utilize ticket for the respective service purchased. 
Source: www.safaricom.co.ke