Jul 27, 2011


KENYANS for KENYA is a massive fundraising effort which aims to raise sh500 million in four weeks,towards famine relief effort for over 3 millions kenyans suffering from hunger and starvation.

The campaign uses the M-PESA money transfer service to receive donations. Donations can be sent to the M-PESA PayBill number 111111 at no charge to the sender,and one can donate as little as sh10.Today I donated sh 10 just to see if it works,and yes it works very well.

How to donate via M-PESA

1. Select Pay Bill from your M-PESA MENU
2. Enter business number 111111
3. Enter account number 111111
4. Enter amount you wish to donate
5. Enter your M-PESA PIN
6. Confirm details are correct and press OK

You will immediately receive a confirmation sms from M-PESA informing you that you have sent money to the Famine Fundraising Campaign.

Kenya is currently experiencing the drought in sixty years,according to the goverment and UN agencies. About 3 millions are suffering from hunger and starvation and they are staring death in the eye unless something is done to alleviate this situation. The weather man has predicted that the short rains will fail and this situation will push the number of Kenyans sufferering from starvation to 3.5 million by september. The hard hit areas include Turkana,Marsabit,Wajir and Mandera.

Funds from KENYANS for KENYArelief effort will be used to finance both short term and longterm projects meant to eradicate extreme hunger and guarantee food security in the longterm.

Thanks to M-PESA, we can all make a difference. At the touch of a button,and from as little as sh 10, you can feed a hungry child and millions of other starving Kenyans. Take action now.