Jun 19, 2011

Safaricom in another first as M-PESA enters Supermarkets

Nairobi, October 22, 2010…In a milestone that is set to re-define the shopping experience, Kenyans can now pay for their goods at supermarkets using the M-PESA service.
Dubbed Nunua na M-PESA, the new service can be enjoyed by over 12 million M-PESA customers and is initially available at all Uchumi and Naivas Supermarket outlets across the country. This follows the signing of partnership agreements between leading telecommunications firm Safaricom and the Uchumi and Naivas Supermarkets.
While speaking at the launch ceremony held at an Uchumi outlet, Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph said the company was leading the way towards a cash-less society where most payments will be made via the telephone or online, hence reducing the risks involved in carrying cash.
“I am extremely excited to be launching Nunua na M-PESA service allowing cashless payments at-the-till for people without a bank account. It resonates with our company‟s commitment to lead the way in innovations that provide convenience and security to our subscribers,” said Joseph. “Following positive feedback from customers who participated in a pilot, as well as the Central Banks go-ahead to roll-out, we shall now proceed with expanding the merchants that will accept Nanua na M-PESA”.
Joseph said Safaricom will continue partnering with organizations to expand the variety of payments that can be made using M-PESA with the aim of providing increased convenience to Kenyans while at the same time maximizing their mobile phone usage.
“This is yet another effort by Safaricom and partners to deepen online and cash-less payment solution in Kenya. It resonates with our company‟s commitment to lead the way in innovations that improve the living standards of our subscribers, in line with M-PESA‟s „Bigger Than Cash‟ aspirations,” said Mr Joseph.
To enjoy the service, customers will need to show an accepted identification document and follow these simple steps on their M-PESA menu:
1. Select „Buy Goods‟
2. Enter the „Till Number‟ of the organization they are paying (as displayed)
3. Enter the amount they wish to pay (Between Sh100-35,000)
4. Enter the M-PESA PIN number, confirm their entry and then press OK.
Upon payment, both the customer and the supermarket sales assistant will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA. The sales assistant will then complete the transaction and issue the customer with his sales receipt as normal – indicating the amount paid by M-PESA.
Currently there is no charge to use the Nunua na M-PESA service; however Safaricom may at a later stage introduce a nominal fee. Payments of between KShs 100 and 35,000 per transaction can be made
Since launch in March 2007, M-PESA has evolved beyond money transfer into a total mobile commerce solution. Towards this end, Safaricom has partnered with various utility providers cutting across various sectors of the economy.