Jun 19, 2011

M-PESA customers to withdraw cash from PesaPoint ATMs

 03rd September 2008

Safaricom and PesaPoint have entered into a partnership that will allow M-PESA
registered customers to withdraw money from PesaPoint ATMs using their Safaricom
phone, without the use of an ATM card.

“M-PESA customers can now enjoy faster processing of withdrawals at more than 110
PesaPoint ATMs in 46 towns around the country,” Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Mr
Michael Joseph said.

“Our partnership with PesaPoint has facilitated an exciting innovation of the M-PESA
service to provide exciting new functionality to our customers. This connection between
mobile money transfer and financial services infrastructure is world leading and presents
the potential for even more services going forward” said Joseph.

On his part, PesaPoint Managing Director Bernard Matthewman said “The service will be
available to M-PESA registered customers at PesaPoint ATMs 24 hours a day, seven
days a week, 365 days per year offering increased convenience to M-PESA customers.”
“Unbanked Kenyans can now access their money at any PesaPoint ATM. Kenya is the
1st country in the world in which card-less transactions at an ATM are available for
traditionally unbanked users of mobile phones to withdraw cash” he continued. He
added that PesaPoint customer service representatives have been deployed to assist M-
PESA users with their withdrawals and that a strong educational campaign was being
launched in the media.

Matthewman said that PesaPoint will continue to partner and innovate with firms like
Safaricom to provide a wide range of transactional services through its operations in
East Africa, to ensure customers access fast, affordable and convenient services
wherever they are.

The service is available to registered M-PESA customers, who can now use their
Safaricom phone to withdraw between 200 & 20,000 KShs from a PesaPoint ATM.
Customers request for a withdrawal from their M-PESA menu and receive a one-time
ATM Authorisation Code. They input this Code into the ATM together with their
Safaricom phone number and the amount they wish to withdraw; the PesaPoint ATM
then dispenses their cash and a receipt.

About M-PESA
The M-PESA service, the first of its kind in the world, was launched in March 2007. The
service currently has over 3 million customers and 3,000 Agent outlets countrywide.
Safaricom launched the electronic money transfer service in partnership with Vodafone.
To date the service has facilitated the transfer of over KShs 25 billion between
customers. The service does not require users to have a bank account; an important
aspect in Kenya, where millions of people do not operate bank accounts. With M-PESA,
account holders can buy electronic funds at an M-PESA agent and send the electronic
value to any other mobile phone user in the country, who can then redeem it for
conventional cash at any M-PESA agent. M-PESA customers can hold up to KShs
50,000 in their M-PESA account at any one time, and can do transactions of up to KShs
70,000 in a day. Between KShs 100 and KShs 35,000 can be deposited, sent or
withdrawn per transaction. The value in a customers account is protected by the 4-digit
M-PESA PIN, which should at all times be kept secret.

About PesaPoint
PesaPoint is a third party ATM (Automated Teller Machine) network in Kenya with
locations in 46 towns and more than 110 sites, with the goal of extending the reach of
financial services by providing Kenyans access to transactional infrastructure in urban,
peri-urban and most importantly rural areas. PesaPoint currently provides acquiring for
33 financial institutions as well as Visa, Mastercard, Amex and JCB as well as providing
value added services such as prepaid purchases of airtime and bill payments. PesaPoint
forms part of the Paynet Group which provides a wide range of transactional services
through its operations in East Africa and Zimbabwe.

SOURCE: www.safaricom.co.ke